Building components

From the study of the composition and behaviour of natural materials, solutions arise that combine the properties of clay with those of natural insulators such as cork and hemp..

All the properties of raw earth, in solutions designed for the recovery and regeneration of spaces.

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We support professionals or individuals in the study of the optimal solutions for the building envelope, favouring highly performing natural materials.

We apply clay-based concrete with the Pisé Terracruda® technique and use clay panels and bricks to build the internal and external walls.

For the exterior, we have developed a series of lime as well as lime and clay finishes to cover different types of coats, in full respect of the typological characteristics of our historical architecture.

Straw, hemp, cork

We have chosen to propose and use natural insulators of vegetable origin, capable of combining an excellent technical performance with complete sustainability.

Straw, hemp and cork are renewable and recyclable products with remarkable insulating properties. They are natural materials that, in combination with the thermal mass of raw earth, represent an ideal solution for the building envelope.

Bricks and clay panels

Bricks and clay panels round off the range of Terracruda construction solutions, which we use to create façades, walls or wall linings, saving a significant amount of time and increasing ease of application in the process.

All the properties of raw earth, in simple application solutions, suitable for any environment.

Schemi elementi costruttivi

The clay bricks are made with pure clay and lime (about 5%). The main advantages of this product are the contribution of thermal mass, the good level of heat diffusivity and the excellent humidity regulation of the rooms. They can be used for various non-structural uses: curtain walls, partitions and thermal storage walls. The clay bricks are made in two different formats: 6x11x22 or 9x15x30. A specific clay mortar must be used to bed the joints.

The clay panel is a viable alternative to the traditional drywall. This preformed product is made from a base of clay and natural fibres and is very easy to apply: it must be screwed onto standard metal or wooden frames. The clay panel allows you to save on construction site timings, while maintaining the benefits of thermal inertia and clay humidity regulation. Once applied, the panel is brushed with a clay finish with an interposed mesh. The dimensions of the panel are 125x62.5x2.2 cm.

Cork is a natural material obtained from the external bark of the cork oak. It is a renewable and eco-sustainable raw material: cork in fact regenerates over the years, after being manually removed from the trunk during the summer, without any trees having to be cut down.

With excellent insulating properties, thanks to its density and high specific heat, it is also a good natural thermal phase shifter.

The cork panel is breathable and is resistant to humidity and mould.

Its dimensional stability makes it the ideal support structure for our lime finishes.

Hemp is a natural and renewable material, the cultivation of which requires reduced quantities of water and does not require pesticides, making it a highly sustainable material.

With excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, the hemp panel is available in a variety of sizes and density levels: its softness and flexibility allows it to adhere perfectly even on uneven substrates, as in the case of the restoration of old buildings.

Its breathable properties prevent the occurrence of interstitial condensation, promoting the maintenance of healthy living environments, free of bacteria and mould.