On-site assistance

During the operational phase, the workers appreciate some form of assistance, thanks to which it is also possible to perform ad hoc samples based on needs that arise during work.

Assistance during application is crucial for the success of an intervention.

For the most demanding customers or for construction companies looking for skilled labour, we are able to carry out some work directly through teams of skilled craftsmen.

  • assistenza cantiere Terracruda
  • assistenza alla posa in cantiere
  • assistenza cantiere Terracruda

Our support for workers

The experience and professionalism of our technicians is an added value during the execution phase and can make a difference in terms of results.

Execution of the interventions through skilled labor.

For the execution of the interventions, we employ skilled labour with specific expertise in the application of natural materials and innovative technologies, capable of overcoming the technical difficulties that the new systems pose. This offers a further guarantee on the final result.