Support for architectural design

Our approach stems from a new concept of a building-environment-person system: in pursuit of high architectural quality, we combine attention to environmental sustainability, the realization of living comfort and respect for the individual’s well-being.

Comfortable space, personal well-being.

Progetto architettonico

Study and design of the building envelope.

The design of close to zero-energy buildings requires new skills: it is essential to conceive the building-system approach of the new building in an integrated way and to evaluate, simultaneously and from the first design stages, the architectural solutions and systems that contribute to reducing energy consumption while respecting the environment.

Support for the architectural design of the environment.

The architectural design aims at finding optimized solutions in relation to the climatic conditions of the intervention site..

Our support is geared towards researching architectural quality, the achievement of a high level of indoor comfort and an extremely contained energy requirement for the building. We pay close attention to proportions and details for a refined design and an aesthetically harmonious result.

Accomplishment of the interventions through skilled labour.

For the realization of our interventions we use skilled labour, with a specific expertise in the application of natural materials and innovative plant technologies which are able to meet the new requirements determined by the high-performing building envelopes and integrate renewable sources for the production of thermal and electric energy.