Houses and homes

The Terracruda Home®

An ideal place to live

The house is not only "material", it is also energy, health and well-being.

The environment in which we live has a determining effect on the state of our well-being and the health of an individual. The TERRACRUDA® house is a place to take care of, to look after, that welcomes us, a personal space we choose to inhabit every single day.

The home today is a space to coexist in harmony with our needs, an environment suitable for welcoming our entire "self" and its desires, even for empty spaces.

TERRACRUDA® has designed a lifestyle: an environment that observes us, that knows us, a space able to keep up with our evolution towards a more natural, more human concept of living.


foto casa langhe

Framed by the Piedmont hills, a World Heritage Site, with a direct view of the wine-growing panorama…

villa bioedilizia bra

In a suburban neighbourhood of the city of Bra, a passive house was built with the use of innovative…

Abitazione in bioedilizia Terracruda

In the Veneto countryside, in the midst of green vineyards, a house equipped with innovative…