Langhe house

Piedmont, Italy
foto casa langhe
foto casa langhe cucina
foto casa langhe scala

Framed by the Piedmont hills, a World Heritage Site, with a direct view of the wine-growing panorama of the Langhe, a private home was built through the restoration of an old farmhouse and an extension with a new standalone building.

The use of Terracruda construction Systems involved the construction of an external cork coat and the development of a "washed out" lime finish in imitation of an old farmstead. In this way, despite the newly built cladding, the building integrates perfectly with the existing construction and the context in which it is located.

The internal plasters were made of clay, while the staircase required the use of a lime screed in combination with the metal structure.


Details of the intervention

Terracruda construction Components and Terracruda wall and floor Systems were used for the construction of the home.